The first step towards a guaranteed and certified production begins through the selection of the best raw materials. Actually the material used by Euronuma is of first choice, certified according to CE standards and identified after a precise and continuous selection.
Once the order is accepted, the raw material is carefully examined, checked and codified through an electronic paper connected to a bar code. This code will follow, step by step, the whole product's life, assuring the traceability during the complete production cycle.
The longitudinal and transversal cut of electrical steel used for the manufacture of the magnetic core is the key step from which depends the success of the complete production. Euronuma has chosen to invest in extremely automated cutting lines. All the cutting process of the electrical steel is operated by computerized programs that ensure the absolute precision and the repeatability of dimensions.
The accuracy in cutting and assembling of the lamination and the positioning of accessories is the decisive factor to get the good product operation.
A further control made by skilled workers enables to encode new data on the specific electronic paper of the product.